Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week begins on Sunday, January 29th. The pupils will make St Brigid Crosses. Each class will focus on the theme of creation with reference to Pope Francis and St Francis.  Fr Harry has been invited to the Infant Classroom on Wednesday, February 1st  to celebrate Grandparents’ Day. Fr Harry will bless each child in Junior and Senior Infants. Parents,  and/or grandparents of these children are welcome to join us at 1pm. Catholic Schools Week will conclude on Friday February 3rd.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day will be celebrated during Catholic Schools Week on Wednesday, February 1st.

Fr. Harry will lead a Prayer Service in which the pupils of Junior and Senior Infants will celebrate the kindness of their grandparents.

The short ceremony in the infant classroom will commence at 1pm on Wednesday, February 1st.

The grandparents and/or the parents of the pupils in Junior and Senior Infants are welcome to attend.

Upcoming Activities!

Busy times for all!

Swimming lessons for pupils in Third to Sixth Classes over the next five weeks.

Catholic Schools Week will be celebrated during the week beginning  January 29th.

Friendship Week will begin on February 13th.   More details will follow.

Active School – pupils busy during the breaks!

New Year and New Term!

We welcome all back to school on Monday, January 9th!


Happy New Year to you and your family too.

May you see a year full of happiness, good health and lots of fun.

May you always be thankful for the blessings you have

And that includes being thankful for your Mom and Dad.