Science week 2020 in 5th and 6th class

On Tuesday we did a science experiment to show how far your sneeze could travel .

Our aim was to show how microbes travel in the air.

We all designed are own self portraits.

Step one: place your self portrait on the ground.

We had a water sugar mix that had water and luminous sugar inside to act as the sneeze.

Step two: we sprayed the water sugar mix on the self portraits.

We had a UV light that could show where the luminous mixture had landed.

Step three: get the UV light and shine it over all the self portraits and see how far the spray (Sneeze) had landed

Our final result was that the spray (Sneeze) went just over 2 metres (2.3m) so that if we keep up social distancing we will be safe from other peoples germs

Eve and Dylan

Paddy the Scarecrow

A few weeks ago we went to Bunratty for an interview  by Nationwide. Our scarecrow was chosen as the winner from our school project and is displayed outside Bunratty Castle! And they asked us about Paddy the scarecrow. Cathy O’Hallaron interviewed us. She was a very nice lady. She asked us what Paddy’s backround story is, and what do we think about the scarecrows being up outside Bunratty. Paddy is a normal scarecrow with a dog head! We enjoyed making him. We only did the dog head because Céire forgot the head. But thankfully she did because it turned out great. Even though we didn’t get to be on TV it was a great opportunity.

By Céire, Renata and Colum