Active School Week


This school year 2016/2017 we are aiming to achieve the Active School Flag.

We started this process in October 2016.

Ms. Garry organised a competition from 2nd Class up to 6th Class to form an Active School Comittee. Each child had to design a poster for Active Schools and think of a slogan that would be suitable. Everyone made a huge effort and designed excellent posters and it was difficult for the teachers to pick the best ones. From this the Active School Committee were formed. The members are:

Emma Fitzgerald, Dylan Tobin, MJ Brew, Ciara Shepherd, Amelia McErlain and Cian Johnson.

We had an active school meeting and decided to do two surveys

  • How children travelled to school
  • Active hobbies children did after school

We picked an active school slogan which is…


We discussed active schools week and the children came up with wonderful ideas. We then made a suggestion box for ideas for ASW and we left that beside the Active School Noticeboard.

We decided to do a skipping Ropes timetable.

Skipping Rota

Monday: Junior/Senior Infants

Tuesday: 1st/2nd Class

Wednesday: 3rd Class

Thursday: 4th Class

Friday: 5th/6th Class

Active School Members are in charge of distributing and collecting skipping ropes.

The active school committee came up with the idea of Trotting Tuesday which we started during ASW and then continued until the summer holidays.

From our survey to find out children’s active talents the committee decided that that should be part of ASW. There was;

  • Karate
  • Irish Dancing
  • Ballet
  • Gymnastics.

The whole school also took part in Operation Transformation 10 at 10 which was great fun.

Below is our Active Week Timetable

Active School Week

24th-28th April

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dance: Whole school learns ‘Cha Cha Slide’ dance for DEAD (Drop everything and dance) during the week(8.50 am). Led by 6th Class Girls



Yoga Workshop(Rosie McMahon)

11-11.30 Ms. Freeman

11.30-12 Ms. Eustace




Surfing Workshop (Dave Flynn) 9am

4th-6th Class

9-9.30 Ms. Clune

9.30-10 Mr. Clohessy

Dave will visit the classes and show a short video he made about surfing. He will also show the gear he uses and answer any questions the children have.







Super Troopers for homework

Wheelchair Basketball Workshop

(Patrick Tierney) 9am

All Classes

9-9.30: Ms. Freeman

9.30-10: Ms. Eustace

10-10.30: Ms. Garry

11.05-11.35: Ms. Clune

11.35-12.05: Mr. Clohessy

Pat will be doing this in the yard weather permitting. He will talk to the children about this sport and answer any questions. He is also bringing some extra wheelchairs so children can try their hand at this sport.



Trotting Tuesday

5 minutes after small break









Super Troopers for homework

Hurling Training

All Classes until 12.30.









Children’s Display of Active Talents(1pm)


Irish Dancing






Super Troopers for homework

Rally Car Driver (Christy Carey). 9am. 4th-6th Class

9-9.30: Ms. Clune

9.30-10.00: Mr. Clohessy

Christy Will bring his rally car into the yard and speak to the children about rally driving.




Rugby Workshop

(Gearóid Ryan and Fiach O’loughlin- Munster Rugby Youth Development Officer

1-1.30: Ms. Garry

1.30-2: Ms. Clune

2-2.30: Mr. Clohessy.










Super Troopers for homework

Sports Day