Camping in Larch Hill

On Saturday,  June 17th, James, Jacob, Jack Lee, Niall, Ellie, Eve and Sarah went to Larch Hill (an international scout centre) for the national cub challenge. Ever since we won the county challenge, we had been practicing for this. We met at the train station in Sixmilebridge at eight’ clock to get ready for the long journey ahead of us.

We finally got there after four long and boring hours. It was around 27 degrees! When we got out of the car we were told to get our bags and bring them to our site. Unfortunately, our site was on the top of a massive hill. Later, we had all our gear and we were ready to put up our tents. For the next six hours we were not allowed help from any adults even if someone hurt themselves. (We all had first-aid kits.) The boys put up the bell tent  (A tepee-like tent) and the girls and Jacob put up the dome tent. (A small 1-4 man tent.) After that we put up the gazebo (Our dining shelter) and left to do our separate jobs.

Jacob and Sarah are the chefs and are in charge of food and cooking, James and MJ were in charge of fire and keeping the wood dry. Jack and Niall were doing pioneering (tying wood together to make things).   Finally, Elle and Eve were organising the equipment.

We celebrated with our dessert: Classic County Clare Chock wagon Campfire Chocolate Cake!!!!

James Muldoon & Jacob Bannon.