Minimus Championship

    On Friday 16th of June I went up to Punchestown in Dublin. I was competing in the Minimus Championship which is a course of cross country fences on your pony in a field which was 2008 metres long, swimming and running 1km. On Friday afternoon me and my pony club put all of our ponies in their stables and then we set up our campsite and had a barbecue.

   After a while we went to walk the course. On Saturday we were all getting really nervous and excited up first from our pony club to ride were the Lords. They were the most experienced because they have been doing it for a couple of years now. After they had all gone our next team were the Larks. They had a mix 2 of them had already done minimus and the others 2 had not done it before. Next up were the Lassies – only one girl had done minimus before.

  Last but not least my team the Ladybirds. After my team had all gone. My pony club got 10 clear rounds and 7 people with refusals (when their pony stops at a fence) this is a big improvement from last year because 5 people fell off, 4 got refusals and only 1 got a clear round.

  That night we had another barbecue and we all were playing in the lake that was in the course. On Sunday we all had to get up at 7 o clock to go to the pool for the swimming .I swam 3 and a half lengths of the 25 metre pool in 2 minutes.

    Later on in the day we went to the running and I ran a kilometre in 4minutes  27seconds . Everyone in my pony club is very fast. One person did it  in 3 minutes 25seconds!

    At the end of the day the results were said my pony club came first and we were so happy.

I came 190th out of 405 competitors.

  Katie Tobin