Homework Policy


We believe that homework is an intrinsic part of a students’ life.  It reinforces concepts and important basic skills already learned in school and it helps the student to structure and organise their learning outside the classroom.  It is a good means of involving parents, pupils and teachers in a collaborative approach to learning.


Homework in Kilmurry N.S.

As a general rule, pupils are given homework on four nights of the week – Monday to Thursday inclusive.  Homework is not usually given at weekends except in special circumstances, e.g. project work, catch-up work or as a sanction for not having work done during the week.


Each pupil has a homework notebook to take down homework.  Parents are requested to sign this journal on a daily basis once the homework is completed.  It also affords teachers and parents the opportunity to communicate about homework.  Alternatively, the class teacher may require the homework copy to be signed instead of the journal.


Homework will normally involve reading, written work, mathematics, tables, spellings, religion and other work at the discretion of the relevant class teacher.  The work will be corrected in class on the next school day.


A note from parents is required if homework is not completed.


Unsatisfactory homework may have to be repeated if the teacher feels the appropriate objectives were not reached.


Time allocation for homework

The amount of homework given is at the discretion of the individual class teacher but the following broad guidelines apply:

Class Duration
Junior Infants 10 minutes (after Halloween)
Senior Infants 10 – 20 minutes
First Class 20 minutes
Second Class 30 minutess
Third and Fourth Classes 30 – 45 minutes
Fifth and Sixth Classes 60 – 75 minutes


Note:  Each teacher has discretion in allocating homework but the responsibility for completion lies solely with the pupils and their parents.

Homework for children attending Learning Support or Resource will be at the discretion of the Learning Support or Resource teacher.

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management of Kilmurry N.S.