Newsletter December 2017

Newsletter No. 3

 December, 2017.

Dear Parents,

The Christmas Story

Our pupils will present the story of Christmas in music, word and song on Friday 22nd December at 10.00 in St Mary’s Church, Kilmurry followed by teas and coffees in the prefab afterwards.  All are welcome.


Bag-Pack Fundraising

A ‘Bag-Pack’ fundraiser will take place in Dunnes Stores, Shannon on Saturday 23rd December. If you are available to help please contact Fran on 086-8175701.

Thanks to all those who participated in the very successful Carol Service in Shannon Town Centre.

Halloween Trail

Well done to the Astro-Turf Fundraising Committee and to all involved in the Halloween Trail in the 12o’Clock Hills. Sam and James tell us about it:

‘On the 30th of October the Astro-Turf Fundraising Committee held an event at the Twelve O’ Clock Hills. They sold an amazing 500 tickets. Everyone was so excited. When we got there (we were there before all the customers because we were scouts) we lit fires for the people to make smores (type of biscuits). We also set up a marquee for making hot chocolate and the biscuits for the smores. We also had a pumpkin carving competition and the winner was announced there. JJ O’ Reilly came first, Emma Donnellan came second and Jacob Bannon came 3rd. The trucks and trailers came after half an hour. The people climbed into the trailers and the trucks drove them through the spooky trail. We went at the end. It was so much fun.’

James and Sam

Computer Coding

Ms Gary’s Class have been learning computer coding through the ‘Makey Makey’ project. Oisín and Mark tell us about it:

‘This year 2017 Mark and Oisín discovered the Makey Makey. We can play lots of different games, Including piano, bongos, banana keyboard, tetris and lots more. First we started on piano and bongo’s. We then needed a USB chord and some alligator clips. We plugged the USB chord into the computer. We then put the alligator clips onto Earth on the Makey Makey . This is the start of computer programming. You will love the Makey Makey because it is fun and educational. There are keys on the board for controlling the games.’


Swimming Lessons 

Swimming lessons will take place for 2nd to 6th classes in the Ennis Leisure Complex next term.  The cost of the lessons is €35 per child.  The lessons will begin on Monday 15th January 2018 and continue for 5 weeks. Please send €35 in an envelope marked for the class teacher at your earliest convenience.  If you are Garda vetted and are willing to help out please contact the school office.


Munster School’s Swimming Gala

Congratulations to Oisín who represented our School in the Munster School Gala and has qualified for the National finals.  Well done Oisín and he tells us about his achievement:

On   Saturday 21st   of   November I  took   part in the Munster Schools Swimming Gala in U.L. I swam in 2 events . The 50m free style and the 50m Butterfly. I achieved  the qualifying time in both events to go forward to represent Kilmurry N.S at the Irish schools Gala which will be held in the National Aquatic Centre on the 7th of February.


Clare Museum – workshop for senior primary school children

The pupils from 6th class visited the Clare Museum on 7th November .  They attended a workshop where they had an opportunity to handle, examine and investigate artefacts including a polished stone axe and a quern stone used for grinding grain.  The workshop also made the children aware of the prehistoric monuments surviving in their own area as well as helping them to understand the chronology of the period.   Here’s what the pupils thought …..

“On the 7th November, the sixth class students from Kilmurry N.S went to the Clare Museum in Ennis. We left at half nine in the morning. When we arrived we were greeted by Caitríona and she told us about the first people in Ireland which was very interesting. We learned that they use stone to make tools but then they figured out that metal was a lot stronger and could be sharper. After that she let us hold two 6,000 year old axe heads made of stone and metal. When she was finished she let us walk around the museum to see all the other artefacts from thousands of years ago such as arrow heads, pottery grinding stones and a well which was under the museum from thousands of years ago. On the second floor there was a lot of stuff about old hurling in Ireland hundreds of years ago. We saw hurling goggles and all Ireland medals from 1914. It was great craic.”  By Louise, Fionn, Katie and Paddy


Uniform Swop Shop.

Second-hand uniforms are available free of charge. Donations of old or unused uniforms that are in good condition are very welcome.  Contact Sharon McGee 087 7830808.


School Car Park.

Could we remind drivers once again to be extra careful when using the school carpark.  The mornings are a little darker and we ask that your child uses the designated walkway which is alongside the garden fence.  Please reverse into the space, let your child out and they should walk safely to the school door along by the fence.


Science Week

3rd and 4th Class were invited to Mary Immaculate College, Limerick for Science Week. Blathnaid tells us about her day:

‘On the 15th of November 3rd class, 4th class, Ms. Garry and Jimmy went to Mary Immaculate College to do science experiments. This was a great time to do it because it was Science week that week. Caroline’s mum was there. In my group we learned about lungs. We even made them! To make them you need half a bottle, 2 straws, 2 balloons, some blue tac, tape and a rubber glove. First you put blue tac on the top of the bottle. Then you put the straws in through the blue tac. Then you tape the balloons to the straws. Finally tape the glove to the bottom. Then whenever you pull the glove the balloons blow up with air and when you let go the air goes out. We also learned about a muscle called a diaphragm. It moves when you breathe. It goes down when you breathe in and it moves up and pushes the air out when you breathe out. Other groups were doing other experiments like light, electricity  and parachutes.’


Enrolment Mass for First Communion class.

First Communion class attended their enrolment Mass on Sunday 19th November in Kilmurry Church. 


Clare Primary School Cross Country Running Finals

Our school was well represented at the Clare Primary School Cross Country Running Finals with the girls over 10 team, Grace Stafford (u-10) and Dara Fitzgerald (over -10) all qualifying from the east Clare section earlier in the year. Dara Louise and Aoibhín tell us how they got on:

On the 15th November the girls over 10 team, Grace u-10 and Dara over 10 went to Lee’s Road on a lovely sunny day. When we arrived to Lee’s Road we got our numbers and found base camp. Around 11:00am Grace went to the starting line. It was a very  tactical race but despite the odds she came in 7th and got the first medal for Kilmurry. At around five past eleven the over ten girls and Dara warmed up with Michele O ‘Mahony.  At twenty past eleven the over ten girls went to the starting line. Before they knew it they were off. Louise was out in front with a close rival. For the duration of the race it was nip and tuck. All the girls ran excellently with Louise coming second.  Last was Dara who ran a tough race and burst his gut to get in 12th place and the third medal for Kilmurry.  All the competitors ran great. We had a few bars and headed back to school. We had a great day.

By Dara, Louise and Aoibhín.


School Tracksuits / personal belongings

Please label your child’s tracksuits (especially tops), jackets, etc.  This is the only way we can identify the owner of lost property.  There is a number of tracksuit tops hanging outside classrooms which have not moved in some weeks.  Please feel free to call in and see if they belong to you!


Intel Mini Scientist

Congratulations and well done to all the pupils in 4th, 5th and 6th classes who took part in the science exhibition on November 16th.  They put in a tremendous effort and the very high standard of the projects was commented on by the judges from Intel in Shannon. Thanks to the parents who helped and encouraged this work at home and to the staff of Intel for taking the time to come out and judge the projects. Our winners J.J., Paddy, Robert and Sam tell us of their experience:

On the 16th of November, we presented our Intel Mini-Scientist project to four judges in Kilmurry N.S. Our project was chosen to go through to Intel Shannon. We were so amazed that our project won. Our project was ‘Which Building Structure Can Best Withstand a Natural Disaster?’ We choose four different shapes and three different natural disasters. Overall, through our results we concluded that the pyramid was the best.

On the 5th of December, we went to Intel in Shannon to present our project. The standard was very high but sadly we didn’t get through.

It was fun and we had a good time. There was another group with tsunamis which is like our project. We also got our picture taken by a photographer.

By Robert, JJ, Paddy and Sam


Important Dates


Christmas Carol Service                10 am Friday, December 22nd  

Christmas Break                               School closes Friday December 22nd @ 12 noon. Reopens Monday 8th January 2018.

In service staff training                 School Closed January 11th 2018

February Mid-term                         School will be closed on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th February.

Confirmation                                     9th June 2018 @ 3pm – St. Mary’s Church, Kilmurry

First Communion                             28th April 2018 @ 11am – St. Mary’s Church, Kilmurry


Kilmurry National School – Christmas Homework 2017

During the Christmas holidays, your teachers would like you to;

  • Spend some time with the people you really care about
  • Do something nice for somebody else each day
  • Do the things that you enjoy
  • Eat the food that you love
  • Make somebody laugh or smile each day
  • Watch your favourite programme or film
  • Visit your favourite place
  • Play with your toys
  • Learn something new


And finally . . . . . . come back to school ready to learn!


Have a lovely Christmas and see you in 2018

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.


Yours sincerely,

Kevin Clohessy,