A Local Entrepreneur Visited our School

Conor Naughtan owns Suas Café in Ennis town. He was inspired when he was working with coffee in a restaurant. He went to a coffee competition BUT unfortunately he did not win. As people kept coming to his café and spreading the word about his excellent coffee his business started to grow. He then moved into a new space that was bigger. Then one day he got a phone call from 4FM saying his coffee shop had been selected for the competition “the best coffee in Ireland. He thought nothing of it until he got another call to say that he was in the top five.

Lots of people voted for his coffee online and he got a call saying he was in the top three. A few days later his shop was announced as the best coffee shop in Ireland. People then came from Hong Kong, Australia and other places to visit his coffee shop in Ireland. The world championships are going to be held in Dublin this year. He is excited as he is hoping to go and people might come down to Ennis to have a cup of coffee! We asked a couple of questions before he had to leave as he is a very busy entrepreneur.

We learned allot about being a successful entrepreneur.  We appreciated and enjoyed his visit.