All Ireland Irish Dancing

On the 1st of November me, my mum and my granny drove up to Belfast for the all Irelands. It took four hours to drive from Clare to Belfast. I was staying in the Holiday inn. On Wednesday my friend and his mum walked over to our hotel for breakfast. When we finished eating our breakfast I went with my friend to the place where we were dancing.


We were dancing in the Waterfront. When we reached there we got changed into our dancing gear. When everyone was there we started warming up. After warming up we started going over the dance. At eleven o’clock we danced in front of five judges. Near the end of the dance one of the girls in our team made a mistake. Luckily only one of the judges saw it!

Our final score was four hundred and seventy five which meant we came first. When we went up on stage we got a trophy and we all got a medal. It was my first time dancing in the all Irelands but it was the second time in a row that our school had won the all Ireland.

On Thursday we drove back home. When we reached my granny’s house my mum received a message from my friend’s mum saying their car had broken down on the way back to their granny’s house in Dublin.

Gary O’Callaghan