Hallowe’en Trail 2017

On the 30th of October the Astro-Turf Fundraising Committee organised an event on the Twelve O’ Clock Hills. They sold an amazing 500 tickets. Everyone was so excited.

When we got there (we were there before all the customers because we were scouts) we lit fires for the people to make smores (type of biscuits).

We also set up a marquee for making hot chocolate and the biscuits for the smores.

We  had a pumpkin carving competition and the winner was announced there. JJ O’ Reilly came first, Emma Donnellan came second and Jacob Bannon came 3rd.

The trucks and trailers came after half an hour. The people climbed into the trailers and the trucks drove them through the spooky trail. We went at the end.

It was so much fun.

James and Sam