Intel Mini Scientist Exhibition

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During the first term of this school year the pupils of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes were extremely busy preparing their science exhibits for the Intel Mini Scientist Exhibition. This is a programme which allows Primary school students to develop science related projects which are then exhibited at fairs held within their own schools.The programme supports the Primary Science curriculum and is a great way to encourage enthusiasm and practical learning in the area of science. The initiative aims to encourage a love of science through an investigative approach to learning.

On Friday evening, November 21st, the pupils presented their projects to other pupils, their parents and to a team of judges from Intel. The pupils, under the guidance of their teachers Mr. Clohesssy, Ms. Fogarty and Ms Clune worked extremely hard and are very proud of their achievements.

The winning entry was ‘The Effect of Temperature on the Bounce of a Ball’ by Mark O’Mahony. In joint second place were ‘The Golf Ball’ by David Kennedy  and Conor O’Grady and ‘Natural Household Products’ by Kate Fitzgerald and Josette Hogan.

Well done to all!