The Helmet Crash Test

It was the 20th of November and there was excitement around the school as it was Mini Scientist Day. Our project was about the “Helmet Crash Test.” We were trying to find which helmet gave the best protection so we did the experiment.

We went to Alex’s house to begin our experiment.

We put melons in both the bicycle and hurling helmet and dropped them from 8-10ft. First we dropped the hurling helmet from 8ft and there was no damage to the melon or hurling helmet. Then we dropped the bicycle helmet from 8ft. and nothing happened. Then we dropped the hurling helmet from 10ft and bicycle helmet from 10ft. The hurling helmet’s melon cracked in two places but the bike helmet’s melon was perfect. So we knew the bicycle helmet provided the most protection.

We are delighted that our project won the Kilmurry Mini Scientist and now we have to progress to the next stage in Shannon Intel.

Alex Muldoon, Evan Neenan and Conor Gilligan