Internet Safety

On the 2nd of November 2015 three girls came to Kilmurry N.S from Colaiste Muire. Their names were Mckayla, Ellen and Ciara. They talked to us about internet safety. They asked us if our instagram or snapchat profile was on private. They told us that if your facebook profile was not on private anybody could see your address, your email and your phone number. They also told us that if your profile was not on private anybody could Google your name and look at all of your photos. So as you can see they gave us a lot of information on how to stay safe on the internet and websites and everybody really enjoyed the day.

By Gary O’Callaghan and Jack Holloway.


On Thursday the 12th of November 4th class went to Mary I college in Limerick. We did loads of activities

like Lets Bungee in which you predicted which material would be the best to use. We had to choose from tights-wool-red band-string and a pipe cleaner. At the end the strongest was the tights.

Making cars

First we had to say which car would bring you to school the fastest. Then we got to make our own cars and see

who`s could go the fastest as well.

Push or pull

First we had to guess which had to be pushed or pulled.


We had to see which force would be better, a soft or hard push. It was hard, because you had to roll it real hard. A soft push won.

Tug of war

You had a basket in the middle, and you had to get it to you by a push or pull. Pull and push worked together.