Junior Entrepreneur Programme – ‘The Dragons’

Fifth and Sixth class pupils are taking part in Kilmurry’s first Junior Entrepreneur Programme. The programme aims to explore and develop the entrepreneurial talents and skills in children. On January 9th the classes presented their business ideas to a panel of Dragons who examined each idea and decided which would be most suited to the project. Well done to all the children who had some great ideas and put a lot of work into researching them. A big thank you to our Dragons John McInereny and Deirdre Frawely.

Alana tells us about their idea:

‘On the 9-1-15, Rosie, Conor and I entered the JEP (Junior Entrepreneur Project). Our project is called the Mad Hatters. We are going to be ordering hats off a website and then selling them. We will have the Kilmurry school crest embroidered onto these hats. The colour of the hats will be mainly maroon for that is the colour of our school tracksuit.

We prepared for the project by looking up a few websites and seeing which one was the best. We then narrowed it down to three. We have not decided which website to use because they haven’t gotten back to our emails yet. We also prepared by figuring out how many hats we will get, how much it will cost and how much profit we would make.

On the day, we were 2nd to go up. We began to get nervous when the judges walked in. The judge’s names were Deidre, John and Mr.Clohessy. First we listened to the Crafty Covers. They were excellent. We then had to go up and I was extremely nervous! I eventually pulled through and I think it went very well. After us there were the Ear Phone Tidies. They were brilliant too. After them was the Fun Field Day. That was excellent too. In the end we won, but it wasn’t easy!

It was a brilliant day!

By Alana


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