Letters to Celebrities 2019 – Caoimhe


On the 5th of February we wrote to celebrities.

I decided to write to Marita Conlon McKenna because she is my favourite author. She writes stories based on history.

In the letter I asked here a few questions like who inspired her to write and if she will write more books. Three weeks later a letter came to the school. It was for me! I was so delighted.

When I opened the letter I found two signed book marks which said “Keep  reading,  from Marita Conlon McKenna”.

There was also a letter and on the top of the letter Marita drew the tree from under the hawthorn tree. In the letter she answered all my questions.

I was so happy that I chose to write to Marita Conlon McKenna and that she wrote a reply.

  Caoimhe Leyden
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