Letters to Celebrities

4th /5th class sent letters to famous people.

We got 12 replies. Here is a list of the replies we received:

Sally Ann: letter and signed jersey from Chloe Morey.

Peter: signed sliotar and letter from Davy Fitz.

Oisín: signed sliotar and letter from Davy Fitz.

Caoimhe: 2 signed bookmarks from Marita Conlon McKenna.

Eve:  letter from Peter Duggan.

Cathal R: 2 signed books and a bookmark from Gerard Siggins

Bláthnaid: letter from Sir David Attenborough

Conor: letter from Seana Morey

Dylan: signed book and 2 bookmarks from David Solomons

Emma: letter from Martin Hayes

Holly: card from Ryan Tubridy

Katie: letter read out on 2fm radio

We sent letters with questions. We got nice replies and some gifts.

We hope to get more replies before the school year ends.

By Bláthnaid Deasy and Leisha Minihan