Munster Horse Riding Interschools Championship 2019


On Friday 12th of April 2019. I competed in the Munster Interschool Championship in Limerick where over 70 schools in total were competing. I was competing in the primary schools 80cm competition where a total of 48 children were competing. I was 2nd to go and I was dreading going 2nd as I had no idea of what I had to beat. Everyone competing had to go around an 80cm course fences 1-7 and if you were clear you had to continue in a speed round  fences 8-13. The first competitor went into the arena. She went clear but had an unfortunate pole down in the speed round. I trotted into the arena with my heart pounding in my chest, I cantered around to the first fence and cleared the first fence and continued around the course to fence 7. I was clear over the first half of the course and I was so delighted that I was clear so far but I had to concentrate on the speed round which was a very technical course that over 30 people went the wrong way. I went around the course at a good speed with good turns and I ended up going clear. I was so so thrilled I can’t even explain. I watched the next two riders before bringing my pony James back down to his stable. They both went the wrong way. I brought James down to his stable and rushed back up to the arena and asked my friend how everyone else so far had gone. She said only one out of the eight others that had gone went clear but she was much slower than me. I was shocked but kept watching everyone else. The last rider went into the arena and I was still in the lead. She went clear and my heart was in my mouth when i was looking at the clock. She was two seconds slower than me. I had won. All my friends came over to congratulate me. My other friend went down to get James out of his stable for the award ceromony where the judge presented us with our prize. I was so so delighted at what we had achieved.

By: Katie Tobin