Regeneron Staff – We Thank You

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Sincere thanks to the people from Regeneron who gave their time and energy to improve  Kilmurry N.S. A huge amount of work was completed during the mid term break. We are deeply grateful to those who worked so hard.

Four classrooms and the staffroom were painted. Sixteen radiators were also painted. The outside area was power hosed.  The lower section of the porto-cabin was painted. Ninety flowers were planted. The sink areas in the classrooms were cleaned. Eight bags of leaves were collected from the astro turf pitch.

This work is deeply appreciated by all in Kilmurry N.S.

Letter from pupils:

Dear Donal,

 We are grateful for the time and effort you put into our school. The students and teachers are very grateful for your work. The students are delighted with the clean and tidy astro-turf pitch. 

We all love the new flowers on the yard and they make the area much nicer.

We all love the newly painted classrooms. The colours really brighten up the place. We were excited coming back to school after mid-term!

Overall, it's like a new school. Thank you for taking the time to work in our small school.

Please thank all of your colleagues who gave their time on our behalf.

Yours sincerely,

Student Council,
Kilmurry N.S.