Set Dancing February 2017


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On Sunday 26th of Feburary I went to Cois na hAbhna for a set dancing competition. I got up at eight o’ clock and got ready for the exciting day. We went at half past eight. When I got their I felt calm because I danced there before. I wasn’t on until eleven o’ clock.

My brother, Ronan, was set dancing that morning. He danced very well and came in an astonishing 3rd place.

At two o’ clock it was time for me to dance. When I heard our name called I got very nervous but felt brave and walked slowly onto the stage. I came 2nd place in the first competition.  Then when my competition was over the judges had a quick break. We went to the shop in the hall.

When the break was over I danced again. I felt ecstatic when they called out our name that time. My set came 3rd place in the second competition. At three o’ clock we went home.  On the way home we went to a restaurant to have dinner. I had a great time.


    By Emma Donnellan