Green School December Newsletter

December 2015

Green Schools Committee 2015-2016

The Green Schools Committee members for 2015-2016 are Michael Carey, Ava O’ Regan, Jack Holloway, Nicole Neenan, Arianna Colville, Fiachra O’Braoin, Helena Ryan, Eamonn Breen, Peter Gilligan, Danielle Sheedy and Ms. Donnelly.

Talk on Biodiversity

A lady called Aine Ni Fhlathartha from Seedsavers came to talk to us about biodiversity. In 5th/6th Class, Aine first divided us into groups. Then we had to match seeds to plants. Then we did a web with wool to show how everything is connected. In 4th/5th Class, she gave us apple seeds to plant into pots. We enjoyed the day very much. In 2nd/3rd Class, we matched plants with seeds and planted hazel trees in pots. In 1st/2nd Class she showed us how to make stars using hazel twigs.

Visit to Seedsavers

On Wednesday 7th October, Third class went to visit SeedSavers in Scarriff. We arrived at 10am. We were welcomed by Aine and Veronica. We had a quick toilet visit before heading on our adventure. We walked up a hill where we completed a worksheet about apples. Once completed, we tasted apples. I loved the Mrs. Perry apples. They were green and tasted delicious. After the apple tasting we stopped to look at the different types of trees. Then we went into the forest where Aine had a table set up with different types of leaves. Here we formed small groups where we all completed a worksheet about the trees around us. We took the long way around the forest towards the School Garden tunnel, where we played limbo through the tunnel. This was great fun. After our lunch we made apple juice by crushing apples in an apple juicing machine. It was the best apple juice I have ever tasted. We opened pea pods to discover small green peas. We tasted grapes. After all this we jumped back on our bus and headed back to Kilmurry. We had a great day at Seed Savers. We would like to say a big thank you to Ms. Eustace, Mary and Jimmy for a fun packed adventure day. By Helena Ryan.

On the 7th October all the students in Third class went on a school trip to Seedsavers. We left the school at nine o’clock and arrived at Seedsavers at 9.30. First we met Aine and Veronica who were our guides for the day. Then we went on a walk to the orchard. We tasted some apples and then we had a vote to see which type of apple was our favourite- the eighth square won. Then we went into the forest and looked at some trees and did a worksheet on them. Next we had lunch. After that we were split up into two groups. . The first group made apple juice and the second group looked at some plants. After a while the two groups swapped. I think the best part of the day was making the apple juice because it was really nice. We all had a great time. By Eamonn Breen.

Bev Brings Prickly Friends!

Bev Truss visited our school on Wednesday 30th September. Bev, who founded ‘Hogsprickle’ – rescues hedgehogs and other wildlife and nurses them back to full health. She brought two rescued hedgehogs to the school. The baby was called Willow and the adult hedgehog was called Mel. She explained to us how to care for hedgehogs:

• Put a lid on pipes and drains as they can get stuck in them.
• Don’t wake them up during hibernation
• Check the ground for hedgehogs before strimming or cutting grass.
• If burning branches, check that no hedgehogs are asleep there.
• Ensure that hedgehogs can climb out of cattle grids.
By Nicole Neenan, Ava O’Regan.

Energy Workshop .

First we watched a DVD about fossil fuels and CO2 going into the air. It would not let the sun go through. Then we talked about energy. We used a potato to light up a light. Next we got the tallest and the smallest in the class. Áine showed us how energy can pass through the students. We were then divided into four teams- yellow, orange and blue and green and we played an energy game. The blue team won. By Helena Ryan, Danielle Sheedy and Eamonn Breen.

Áine came to the school on the 15th of December to talk to our class about energy. She had a funny puppet called Guzzler. He wasted energy. We really enjoyed our energy workshop. We saw how a potato can light a bulb. She used a basketball and tennis to show us how energy gets from the basketball to the tennis ball. She showed us an example of how energy works using a tablet in water. Peter Gilligan

Slogan Competition

Contratulations to J.J. O’Reilly who won the Biodiversity slogan competition:


Plants and animals everywhere,

Protect them all and show we care,

From the smallest insect to the tallest tree,

They’re all important,


Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh!