Seedsavers – October 2017


Today we went to Irish Seed savers in Scarriff.

When we arrived we got off the bus, we walked up a long hill where we met Áine and Cormac. We were divided into two groups, the foxes and the badgers. I was on the foxes.

First we learned about different type of apples and tasted them some of the apples.  We tasted were Custard Scarlett, Kerry Pippins  and April Queen.

After that we went to the woods to learn about native trees. Then we went for lunch in a blue barn.

After lunch we went into a poly tunnel and took peas out of pods then we went up the hill to Cormac to make apple juice. First you put apples into the plumping machine where it turns into a kind of mash. tTen we put it in the apple press to take the juice out.  We put it in bottles. It was delicious. 

Finally  we went back to school

I love SEED SAVERS.                                                        

   Oisín  O’Brien

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