Equestrian Interschools

On Monday, 7th May I had the Interschools Equestrian Show Jumping Competition in Clonshire Equestrian Centre in Adare, Limerick. The interschools is a show jumping competition for secondary and primary schools. When I arrived my team and I were told by the manager of Clonshire and our trainer that we had to move up to the secondary school competition when of course we were only in primary school. We were all shocked at first but we got on with it.

So at 11o’clock the secondary school competition began even though this competition had only secondary school students and was 20cm higher then what we were originally doing, we still did it. My team had to go first. We all had to do the indoor course first and we all got a clear round. When we were doing the outside course we only had one pole down by our 4th class competitor. It took 3 hours for the 17 teams of 4 or 3 people to complete both courses. We listened quietly for the results. We were shocked when we heard our team come first and we were delighted. At 3 o’clock it was the individual competition which is harder even though it was smaller. I came 5th in that representing Kilmurry. It was a great day.

By Katie Tobin.