Sporting achievements

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2017 was the year for Sixmilebridge to win the Tommy Burchelle Perpetual Cup. We beat Ferrybank of Waterford in the final battle for the cup. It was a tough game. We were losing by two points and we came back with a goal by the mighty Mark Mullins. All of a sudden we heard the final whistle and Sixmilebridge had done it again! We were all delighted in the middle of the pitch jumping around with joy and Peter Gilligan ahh well he was like a headless chicken running around the place with no boots on!

Well done to Louise, a Munster Champion cross country runner and to the hurlers!

On Wednesday the 13th of December 2017 we did a Hip Hop Show. It was so much fun. We danced to Timber, Boomerang and Black magic. We sang How far I’ll go  and Flashlight. Katie’s favourite dance was Timber and Caoimhe’s favourite was Black magic.  Everybody clapped at the end.

By Katie and Caoimhe


Makey Makey

This year 2017 Mark and Oisín discovered the Makey Makey. We can play lots of different games, Including piano, bongos, banana keyboard, tetris and lots more. First we started on piano and bongo’s. We then needed a USB chord and some alligator clips. We plugged the USB chord into the computer. We then put the alligator clips onto Earth on the Makey Makey . This is the start of computer programming. You will love the Makey Makey because it is fun and educational. There are keys on the board for controlling the games.

By Mark and Oisín.


Here are some photos of pupils who have achieved success in karate, cross country running and horse riding.

Well done to each pupil. Continue to enjoy your chosen activities.

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