Sporting Success – March 2017


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On Sunday the 19th of March my team and I Abbey Lakers went to Inagh to play a game.

The first game was so close. We played Kilkishen and we won by 10-8 I only played one match because i fell and hurt my foot. At 12:15 we had lunch our next match was at 1:15. While we waited we played hide and seek. Finally the rest of the team went to play Gort. They won 20-0 so we won and then at 4:00 we played bluestars and it was so close the score was 34-32 they were one basket away from us because each basket counts as two.

 We were so happy that we won and we got gold medals and a plague. After word we had crisps and drinks I had fanta

It was a great day  




On Thursday the 16 March I went to the Community Games in Ennis. I swam in the under twelve 2 lengths front crawl. I came 3rd and the two boys that beat me are not in my age group next year. My time was 35 seconds and the two people that beat me got 34 seconds.


Surf Lifesaving

On Sunday the 19th of March I competed in the Munster Surf lifesaving. The first event was the obstacle. In the obstacle you have to swim under a gate that is in the water. The next event was the obstacle relay and my team came first. The next event was the one length under water were you had to swim one length under the water. Then we did the Tube witch is where you have to swim one length frontcrawl then get your fins and the rescue tube then swim back up. The last event was the medaly relay. I got 2 golds 1 silver and 1 bronze.


Horse Riding


On Sunday 12th of February to March 17th every Sunday and sometimes Friday my pony Hardingville Lighting Strikes also known as James and I were competing in an under 15s showjumping competition. I was the youngest competitor in the competition because I am only 10. The first week the jumps were 80cm high the second week they were 85cm the third, fourth, fifth and sixth week they were 90cm. Every week me and James got 5 points with our double clear. The last week I was the most nervous because I knew if I got clear I would come first. As soon as I jumped one fence I was fine so I kept going and at the end I got a big cheer when I got off I heard someone announcing the results when I heard my name for first I was so happy. I won a trophy, medal, rug for my pony and an Easter egg.