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On the fourth of December, 2015 we went to Scoil na Mainstreach, Quin.  At twenty past ten we had a bite to eat before getting on our jerseys. We were split into two teams before getting on the bus. The competition was on in Clooney Quin.

When we arrived we went into the dressing rooms to get togged off. After that we went out to do our warm up before playing Clonmoney team 1.

In the first few minutes we were a good bit ahead and playing excellent in defence.When the game was over we had beat Clonmoney four tries to nothing.

After that we were getting prepared for our next match against Clooney Quin 1. In the first two minutes Clooney Quin had scored a try from a girl which meant they got two points. After that we came back with a try. Later on in the game Clooney Quin had scored three tries, but soon after we came back with two tries. The referee blew the whistle and we had lost by one point.

In our last match we won and headed straight for the final. In the final we lost to the team that we had lost to in our second match. They scored a try really early in the game to put them on the front foot.We came back with a try but it wasn’t enough to win the final.

We were sad but on the way back we had a box of Celebrations. It was a great day.


By Aoibhín and Dara