The Karate Nationals

IMG_4510       On Saturday 17th of October we went to a karate competition in Tallaght Leisure centre in Dublin. We arrived at around 9 o’clock. The competition started at around 10 o’clock. When it started, we went to our groups. We had to wait for a while because the younger groups went first.

My (Luke’s) competition started at around 10:30. We went onto our coloured sides and fought for about 1 minute 30 seconds for each fight. I drew 3 of my matches. The refs decide if you win or not. I won 2 and lost 1. I got 3rd place.

My (Michelle’s) competition was after Luke’s. It started at around 11:30. There were supposed to be nine in my group but only seven turned up. My opponent did not turn up so I got through to the semi final. I was fighting a girl from Cork. She was really good. We drew 4-4 so the judges had to decide who went through to the final. My opponent went through to the final and she came 1st. I came 3rd I was really happy.