Third and Fourth Class School Tour 2018

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On Wednesday the 30th of May 2018 3rd and 4th class went to UL Sports Arena Adventure World. It was really fun, active and adventurous. The first we did was orienteering which is when there is riddles on poles from numbers 1-12 and on your card you write the answers. We did this in pairs. Next was the Disco Dome. The Disco Dome is a black bouncy castle in the shape of a dome with lights inside and music playing. There was another bouncy castle with something like a beanbag wrecking ball in the middle and you have to try and knock others off their little place by swinging the wrecking ball at them. The next thing was swimming in the pool which was pretty cold. It was great fun because we had a ball and it was big enough for us all. We played spongee polo which is a bit like ground hurling except you can only bring the bat up to your waist. After that we played a game when you stand in a circle with your legs apart and with one hand you try to stop the ball going through your legs and hit it through other people’s legs. If the ball goes through your legs you are out. There was another bouncy castle called wipeout. There is a bar that spins around and you have to jump over it.